Welcome to the laboratory of Molecular Plant-Bacteria Interactions at the Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology (PSC).


Our research group aims at deciphering the molecular mechanisms of plant interactions with the environment, focusing on diverse aspects of biotic stress caused by bacterial pathogens.

News and updates

March 07, 2019

The MPBI Lab welcomes new lab members this year. You can meet them at our Members section.

January 23, 2019

New Year dinner to celebrate the upcoming year of the pig before the Spring Festival. Check the pictures in the Events section.

新年快乐! (Happy New Year!)

November 30, 2018

Our last article in New Phytologist is now online: Cautionary notes on the use of Agrobacterium-mediated transient expression upon SGT1 silencing in Nicotiana benthamiana. Check the details and the link in our Publications section.

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